Novo Commercial Real Estate Inc. was founded in 2010 to provide a high level of service to Landlords of commercial properties. Taking the opposite approach to the “tenant-rep” model, Strategic Realty set out to become a top tier Landlord representative brokerage.

When selling a property, you first need a STRATEGY.

Here is a small sample of arriving at a STRATEGY:

  • You must know what you are selling, so all information about the property needs to be confirmed. We have a detailed customised checklist of items that we confirm acceptable to trades that will assist us as NO cost.
  • Environmental and Building reports – review before going to market.
  • Size – measure it now to avoid conflict later.
  • Zoning – what is it? Can be it changed?
  • Extra Land – can it be severed or developed?
  • Marketing – who are the target markets and how will they be reached?